Small Business Telephone Systems, Los Angeles County
Types of Services Offered

     - Local Area Networks (LAN) and installation

     - DSL and T1 installation and equipment

     - CAT-6 cabling and installation

     - Troubleshooting and repair

     - Equipment Racks and Frames
     - Wire management

     - Patch panels, jacks and wall plates

     - Switches and hubs

     - Computer room clean ups

     Licensed and bonded to install anything from a duplex

     115 volt  AC outlet, electrical cable in between,

     to step up or step down transformers, for small, medium,
     or large business operations.
     - New outlet installation 120 V to 480 V
     - Troubleshooting and repair
     - Indoor lights | ceiling fans | outdoor lights
     - Rewiring | panel upgrades | panel moves

      The closed circuit television (CCTV) industry has
     come a long way from the black and white camera
     and monitor, and VHS 6 to 8 hour recorders.
     Now the recorders are DVR's (computers) that have
     the capability to record weeks and months of
     video day and night in color.
     We place your new CCTV system on an IP address
     (on the Internet), so you can view your place of
     business from anywhere, anytime, as long as you
     have Internet access. 

     - System planing, camera positioning
     - CCTV System equipment and installation
     - Repair | replacement
     - Maintenance